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Сторонникам и противникам революции роз

The Albert Einstein Institution, in Boston, Massachusetts, has published a book written by the institution's senior scholar, Gene Sharp. The book is entitled "From Dictatorship to Democracy," and it describes the methods of nonviolent struggle applied to the peaceful ousting of authoritarian regimes and the buildup of a democratic government. The
English version of this book may be downloaded at

The book has been very popular around the world; it was widely used during four successful democratic transitions.

1. In 2000 in Serbia, the student movement Otpor used a Serb translation of "From Dictatorship to Democracy" as a primary strategic guide for their succesful effort to unseat Slobodan Milosevic. See

2. In 2003 in Georgia, the student movement Kmara were trained by former Otpor members, and the English version of the book "From Dictatorship to Democracy" could be found on their web site. See (in Russian)

3. In 2004 in Ukraine, the student movement Pora used a Ukrainian translation of Dr. Sharp's book as the basis for their strategy. See

4. In early February 2005 in Kyrgyzstan, his book was distributed to activists in Kel-Kel, a youth movement there. As you know, in late March a revolution happened there, although I'm not sure how many
people had time to read the book before that! The Kyrgyz version is at and the Russian version is at

This book has also been distributed among pro-democracy activists in Russia, Cuba, Belarus, Burma, Azerbaijan, China, Cambodia, and elsewhere. The book (about 25,000 words in English) is available for
download in 18 languages on the Albert Einstein Institution's web site at
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