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Дом танцующего дракона
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Sunday, May 7th, 2006

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Aaron Sloman, scholar of emotions:

Anyone in the universe has my permission to use freely any information about me on this web site or any web site created by me (subject to obvious restrictions regarding identity theft and use of information for criminal purposes). There are some universities in the UK that have apparently been advised by lawyers (who make their living by trying to prevent themselves from being sued for giving less than totally pessimistic advice?) that if they don't get written permission to do what everyone around the world is already doing freely they may get into legal difficulties. So we all end up wasting yet more time asking and giving permission, on paper even in the 21st century, whilst universities elsewhere in the world just get on with the job instead. Because administrators in UK Universities do not understand risk management there is now a huge amount of waste caused by giving undue weight to over-cautions recommendations of people who do not understand requirements for doing excellent teaching and research, but do know how to read legal documents in the most pessimistic possible way.

и еще:
I believe the future of academic publishing in most fields lies in free, open access (in accordance with ideals of the 'Creative Commons' initiative) with retrospective accreditation based on ongoing critical comment and evaluation --- which will often be more objective and considered than the hasty evaluations produced by referees for journals, conferences and workshops. Results of research funded by tax-payers should be freely available to anyone, not just specialists in the field -- including people in poorer countries whom we exploit by employing their expensively trained professionals.

I like this guy

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